my may crystals

Here I show you some highlights and experiences of the month May.
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beauty crystals of may

Today is the last day of the month May and I wanted to show you two
beauty highlights that Mina and I discovered this month.
We fell in love with the satin lipsticks Rouge Interdit by Givenchy
in the colors Enchanted beige and Precious Rose. The formula is creamy,
soft and hydrating. It feels like luxurious satin on your lips.
The second beauty crystal is the nail polish Le Vernis by Chanel
in the elegant, warm and berry color April.

it's mina

Hi lovelies! This is my first post, yay. After several attempts to start an own blog,
I decided to create a blog together with my sister Ina. The blog is called The Crystal Miners
because I used to be a huge fan of the Playstation video game Wild 9 where there's a character
called Crystal. Crystal, who's said to be the most intelligent character of the video game,
is actually a blue crystal with a gorgeous haircut. Plus, my sister and I like the name Crystal. :)

let's start mining

So here it is, Mina's and Ina's personal mine in the blogosphere.
Hopefully we won't find any dead body parts or bones while mining. ;)

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